Over $300,000 in funds and resources pumped into our schools!

FUN-Raiser Programs


With FuelMySchool, there are a variety of programs that you can support and be a part of that affects positive change in the community everyday. Your support is vital to the success of these programs and we thank you for being a part of it all!



MySchoolWish: A simple solution to get our schools the items they need. Find your school's page on FuelMySchool.com to view a list of open school wishes and become a real-life genie by selecting an item that you can grant. The school will work directly with you to coordinate the fulfillment of these items. Often times, these wishes are items that may be around your household or work area and are simply not being used. Please put them to good use and help our schools by making a wish come true today! Learn More →

Fuel-A-Family: Want to make a difference in the lives of our students and their families this holiday season? Learn more about how together we are making things brighter for them during the most wonderful time of the year!
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Cars4Schools: A program brought to us by American Sales and Leasing, a Central Florida company, offering wholesale automotive prices to the public and assisting community schools in earning fundraising dollars.
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Supplies4Students: Every year FuelMySchool has been a part of numerous Back To School Events in the community. Learn more about the program and how together we are kick starting the school year in a positive way for so many students.
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