Over $300,000 in funds and resources pumped into our schools!


So our students can… Keep playing. Keep creating. Keep learning.

We All Know The Question:

How do we keep our students and school programs strong and thriving?

Today There Is An Answer:

FuelMySchool and YOU!


FuelMySchool drives funds and resources into community schools through innovative and easy to use online programs. Unanimously approved by the School Board of Orange County Public Schools as the official online provider and one-stop shop to support schools, FuelMySchool is making a difference in student's lives every day.

And You:

Together we will provide our students with the tools they need to keep playing, keep creating and keep learning so they are prepared to lead this community when they grow up.

With a simple tax deductible donation of $200, you will receive:

  • Information about the school you adopt
  • Kudos on the FuelMySchool website
  • Official AdoptASchool Certificate
  • Updates on how your donation has made an impact on the students in your school.
Adopt a school with Fuel My School. Help by giving to the schools in your area.

Together, we have pumped
over $95K of resources and
funds into our schools...